The Way We See It

Aging is a complicated process that is influenced by our genetics, lifestyle choices, and the environment we live in. Although true beauty is more than skin deep, our outward appearance does affect our self-esteem and confidence. When we do not like who we see looking back at us in the mirror we feel older, more tired, and sad.
While it is impossible to completely stop the aging process, technology has provided us with safe and effective ways to age more gracefully. Tanya will provide you with natural results and ensure that you still look like yourself, just a younger and more vibrant version.

Turn Back Time Medical Aesthetics welcomes you to put your trust in us to turn back the hands of time for you.

During your first visit Tanya will consult with you to discuss your concerns and the options available to meet your individual needs and expectations. A thorough health history will determine your candidacy for treatments/procedures, and together you will formulate your treatment plan. After your treatment you will be provided with instructions to ensure optimal results. It is advised that you follow up at the clinic in approximately two weeks, as it is impossible to evaluate your treatment results without seeing you.

Plan on spending 60-90 minutes at the clinic, depending on what treatments are performed. Subsequent visits will be shorter as the treatment plan has already been established. Follow up visits are no longer required but Tanya will be happy to assess you as needed. 

Please visit our FAQ sections for each product to help better prepare you for your treatments.